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MLA Format 8th Edition: Differences from the 7th Edition

How to create citations using the 8th edition (2016) of MLA Format, which is the standard for all English classes at Cuesta College

Main Differences between Editions

A citation in the 7th edition style:

Same citation, but in MLA 8th edition style:

MLA 8th edition highlighted changes from 7th edition

  • MLA 8th edition is much less picky than the previous edition. List the basic elements for the source and show the containers, and your citation will work regardless of its medium.
  • More than two authors, use et al.
  • The recommended list of abbreviations is much shorter (pp. 95-97), and words such as editor, edited by, translator, and review of are not abbreviated.
  • The use of abbreviations such as vol. for volume, no. for number, and p. or pp. for page number(s).
  • No cities of publication for books.
  • No medium (print, web, etc.).
  • Include URLs (without http:// or https://).
  • Omit the date of access for online or electronic sources, unless your instructor requires it.
  • Notice the use of commas.