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Communication Studies 201: Public Address (Greco): Cuesta Library Search

Video Tutorial

This video will demonstrate how to use Cuesta Library Search to find books, articles, and eBooks in the Cuesta Library system.

Exploring Cuesta Library Search

Cuesta Library Search makes it easy to find books, journal and magazine articles, eBooks, videos and even streaming media from a single search box, with one list of results and options for refining them.

Go to the Cuesta Library Search box on myCuesta or the Library home page, type in any keyword or phrase and choose the Search icon or Enter key on your keyboard. For best results, do not change the default Library that is checked (Libraries Worldwide).

Each entry on your results list includes the title, author, date, and type of source. Items found through the Cuesta Library come up before other holdings.


The left panel allows you to refine and narrow your search results by content, format, year, etc. Use these options to find Peer Reviewed and Full Text content, and items in different formats. Only the top 6 formats show. Click on See All to find more specific types of content, such as eBooks, encyclopedia articles or Dissertations.

For any entry that says eVideo:

  • Click on the Access Online button
  • You will be redirected to the video
  • Hit the play button to stream the video

For any entry that says Print book:

  • At the bottom of the entry, you see the location, call number, and availability of the book
  • Any item with this information can be found at the Cuesta Library
  • Write down the call number (or take a picture) to find it on the library shelves

For any entry that says Article:

  • Click on the Access Online button
  • It takes you to the full text article and shows you the database you are accessing
  • You need to know the database to cite your sources correctly

For any entry that says eBook:

  • Click on the Access Online button
  • You may need to click the Full Text button on the left if you do not see the full text article immediately



Need a Book from Another Library?

See how to order a book from a different Cuesta campus:

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