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i3 at Cuesta College: Invention & Inclusive Innovation

Mission, Vision, and Values

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The strategic intent of Invention and Inclusive Innovation is to empower learners, including students, faculty and partners, to be agents of change for our community by building connections to create an interdisciplinary approach to problem solving. The i3 program fosters innovative thinking and an entrepreneurial mindset as students implement design strategies to make sustainable contributions that address community needs. i3 is committed to advancing equity and closing achievement gaps. 


The i3 Initiative at Cuesta College advances equity, democratizes invention, and empowers students to create change in their communities through collaboration to solve current and future problems.

Students will be tasked with identifying a solvable problem within the community and work throughout the semester with a group of students and faculty. Students will develop a concrete solution to these problems and begin the process of executing their solutions through various stages.

Students that complete the program will be rewarded with a $500 cash scholarship to use at will. Students will have access to i3 faculty beyond the program to continue to fulfill their goals within community problem solving. 


The i3 Initiative at Cuesta prioritizes interdisciplinary collaboration, diversity of thought and experience, lifelong learning, and community building. i3 embraces non-traditional modes of knowledge and seeks to transform students' educational landscape through innovative, inclusive, and inventive learning.

Student Questionnaire

The i3 program for Invention and Inclusive Innovation is the fruit of a collaboration between the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Lemelson Foundation and the California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office. It promotes an entrepreneurial mindset and brings opportunities for students to work on open problems with a focus on innovation and invention. Cuesta College is one of the participants and it will run the i3 program from January through April of 2023. In addition to gaining the training and the experience, your participation will conclude with a $500 cash scholarship, made possible thanks to the support of Cuesta College Foundation and Coast Hills Credit Union.

This program will be presented through Community Programs at Cuesta College and called the 'Cuesta Curiosity League.'

Do you want to be contacted when the program launches? Do you want to know more about the Cuesta Curiosity League? Please, fill out the following form: