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MLA Format 8th Edition: Works Cited

How to create citations using the 8th edition (2016) of MLA Format, which is the standard for all English classes at Cuesta College

MLA 8th Cheat Sheet


Use Preformatted Citations from Databases

You will save yourself a lot of time and trouble by copying preformatted citations from various databases. Many, but not all, databases will offer a citation formatted according to MLA. Look for a link or icon called "cite", or "citation", or sometimes just a quotemark ("). Always check your preformatted citations against the MLA 8th edition cheatsheet, because the citations are done by computer, not by a human.

Here is an example from the EbscoHost database showing the citation icon at the far right-hand side:EbscoHost citation icon

Click on the "Cite" icon, then choose "MLA":MLA citation from EbscoHost

After copying and pasting the citation into your Works Cited page, you would check the citation against the MLA cheatsheet to verify that it is correct.