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Cuesta Library Search

Search Tips

In a Basic Search you'll receive results that contain all of your search terms. These may match keywords in a title, author names, subjects, abstracts, or other descriptions.Use the Advanced Search to pre-limit your search to specific fields, material types, or publication dates.

  • Refine your results using the Filters on the left side of the screen to limit to items available online or physically available in the library. You can also include or exclude particular material types, dates, authors, subjects, or library locations.
  • Type an asterisk * as a wildcard in place of one or more characters. [Example: recycl* will find recycle and recycling]
  • Search for phrases by enclosing your terms in quotation marks. This will only return results with an exact match. [Examples: "global warming", "Affordable Care Act", "mutual funds"]
  • Separate terms with Boolean operators AND, OR, NOT. [Example: "World War II" AND battles NOT Pearl Harbor]
  • Click here for a visual example of Boolean Operators