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Nursing: Evidence-Based Care Sheets

Use this guide to find resources related to topics in Nursing.

Accessing Evidence-Based Care Sheets


"Evidence-Based Care Sheets (EBCS) are summaries on specific key topics, which are focused on nursing practice. Each evidence-based care sheet incorporates the latest evidence, statistics, research and references on a given topic. The references are ranked, using a coding matrix, according to the type of literature they represent (systematic reviews, meta-analysis, etc)."

Follow the instructions below to access the Evidence-Based Care Sheets.


Type in a keyword in the search box below to be redirected to CINAHL. Once you have been redirected, click on Evidence-Based Care Sheets from the top banner.

CINAHL Plus with Full Text
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CINAHL evidence-based care sheets


Select a topic from the list and click Search OR use the search box to type in a topic and click Browse.

View Full Text

Click on the desired evidence-based care sheet. Click on the Full Text icon.

CINAHL evidence-based care sheet detail