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Nursing: CINAHL Headings

Use this guide to find resources related to topics in Nursing.

CINAHL/MeSH Headings Video Tutorial

About CINAHL/MESH Headings


CINAHL/MeSH Headings are assigned to articles based on their content. When you do a search using CINAHL/MeSH Headings, your results will be much more targeted than if you were to do a keyword search, which will bring up any article that mentions your keyword.


Type in a keyword in the search box below to be redirected to CINAHL.

CINAHL Plus with Full Text
Limit Your Results

CINAHL Subject Headings

Click on CINAHL Subject Headings from the top banner. Type in a keyword to retrieve related subject headings.

CINAHL Subject Headings

Select a Subject Heading and Subheadings

Select an appropriate subject heading to see the subheadings on the right-hand side. By default, the "Include All Subheadings" options is selected, but you may select the subheadings individually.

CINAHL heading list


Click Browse Additional Terms to add more terms to your search OR Search Databases.

CINAHL heading list add more headings or search

Results List

A list of results will appear. Click on any title to view information about the article OR click on PDF Full Text to view the complete article.

CINAHL search results