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History 233 : Resources: Newspapers, Databases, Film

Examines the historical, cultural, political, economic, and social development of people of African descent from 1619 to the present.

Newspapers and Databases

Primary Sources

A Primary source of information is first-person, original information. Examples:

  • a journal or diary
  • original research
  • interview
  • letter
  • speech
  • original work of art
  • government document
  • research article from a variety of databases and web sites

A Secondary source of information is material that has been taken from primary sources and then synthesized. Examples:

  • college textbook
  • biography
  • criticism
  • historical study
  • journal or magazine article that reviews original works

Films available through Cuesta

Films On Demand offers a variety of titles to honor and explain civil rights and Black history in America, including these titles.  Use your LOG IN to see these titles and more.

  • The Civil Rights Movement (Item #47589)

  • Isaac Pope: The Spirit of an American Century (Item #182998)

  • King in the Wilderness (Item #148962)

  • Clementine Hunter’s World (Item #186565)

  • Slave Trade (Item #206201) from Finding Your Roots, Season 6

  • Tell Them We Are Rising: The Story of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (Item #166851)

  • Secrets of the Hollow: Last Disintegrated School (Item #206208)

  • Reconstruction: America After the Civil War—Episode 4 (Item #188583)

  • The Wanderer: A Story of Slavery, Survival, and the Strength to Prevail (Item #215200)