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Cuesta Library Virtual Book Club: Words of Change: Sept 2022: Banned Books

Cuesta Library Virtual Book Club: Words of Change

Virtual Book Club Fall 2022

Top 10 Challenged Books of 2020 and 2021

The number of book challenges rose steeply in 2021 according to the American Library Association's records. There were 729 challenges in 2021, up from 156 in 2020. You can find a list of the 10 titles that were most commonly called out in the ALA's State of America's Libraries 2022

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Banned Books Week was started in 1982 in order to raise awareness of the issue of censorship. Attempts to ban books at libraries, schools, and bookstores are frequent. According to the American Library Association, 70-80% of challenged books are never reported; however, more than 11,300 challenged books have been reported since 1982. Many of these books are available for you to check out at the Cuesta Library. Check one out and celebrate the freedom to read!


Cuesta Library books from the 2021 list