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Cuesta Library Virtual Book Club: Words of Change: October 2021: Red Island House: A Novel

Cuesta Library Virtual Book Club: Words of Change

Join us for a virtual, easy-going discussion led by library staff. Don't worry if you have not finished the book. Students, staff, faculty, & general public are all welcome!

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Learn: About Madagascar

The Conversation: Recent Articles on Madagascar

Encyclopedia BritannicaMadagascar

"Madagascar Country Profile," BBC News

"Madagascar is headed toward a climate change-linked famine it did not create." 1 July 2021. Washington Post

Meet: Author Andrea Lee

Head shot author andrea lee

Author Andrea Lee

Andrea Lee, Official Publisher Page

Andrea Lee, BlackPast

"Andrea Lee on Fictionalizing Madagascar." by Deborah Treisman, New Yorker

"Interview: Andrea Lee," Gulf Coast Jrnl, 2016

"Notes for a Speech Never Given" (The Nile Swim Club) speech, poem by Andrea Lee, Gulf Coast Jrnl, 2016

Plot Summary: The Red Island House

Cultures and lives clash in Madagascar, an island nation off the coast of Africa, when a Black American professor marries a wealthy Italian businessman. As they summer on the exotic island, (where they have a vacation home) witchcraft, myth, and magic, as well as racism, sex tourism, and exploitation challenge this bi-racial, bi-cultural family. (See "Discuss: Book Reviews..." box on the right for more.)

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Where:To Get the Book

Cuesta Library has hardback copies to check out. For Cuesta students and employees, click the link above to access the Ebook (need to login).

Discuss: Book Reviews, Discussion Ideas


Discussion Questions:

Watch, Listen: Readings of Her Work

Andrea Lee et al: "In Conversation," Univ of Maryland, English Dept, 2021, 61 min video

Bahni Turpin narrates Red Island House, 1 min video clip

The Writer's Voice: Lee reads "The Rivals" (chpt from Red Island House) 54 min audio