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English 201A: English Composition (Marini): Evaluating Sources

How to find and use resources for your food-issue research project.

Google Scholar

Keywords: community supported agriculture, vertical farming, eating disorders, etc.


Look for articles that have PDF or HTML links on the right. These are usually free, full-text articles.

Google Scholar Search

Navigating the Web

Video on Evaluating Information Sources

Evaluating Information Sources

  • When looking for information, you need to evaluate your sources carefully
  • This is especially true if you are doing an Internet search
  • By searching Cuesta Library Search, you automatically limit your results to quality sources

Note: If your instructor wants "peer-reviewed" articles, check off the "peer-reviewed" checkbox in Cuesta Library Search


Not sure if an information source is reliable? Try the CRAAP Test! Review your source for:

  • Currency
  • Relevance
  • Authority
  • Accuracy
  • Purpose