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English 201A: English Composition (Patchell): Library Information Literacy Assignment and Exam

Course guide for Thomas Patchell's ENGL 201A class, which focuses on the BOTY assignment.

Puzzle of information literacy skills: access and use information legally, access needed information, determine the extent of information needed, use information ethically, evaluate information and its sources critically, and use information to accomplish a specific purpose

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Why is Information Literacy important?

The Library Information Literacy Assignment (LILA) will guide you through

  • Choosing an appropriate topic
  • Finding information sources using Cuesta Library and web resources
  • Evaluating sources for reliability 
  • Citing sources in-text and on a Works Cited page
  • Understanding plagiarism and academic integrity

Accessing Library Information Literacy content

Library information literacy (LILA) content is embedded in your English 201A Canvas course. The modules will look something like the images below, but your professor may distribute them throughout the course. If in doubt about how to locate your LILA content, please reach out to your English 201A professor. 

Two modules labeled research in context and finding information sources with pages and a quiz contained in each





Have questions?

For questions about this assignment:

Post in your ENGL 201A Canvas course or message your instructor

Email or your class's embedded librarian

sm chat icon Chat or Zoom with a Librarian from the Ask A Librarian page

Information literacy framework flower: authority is constructed and contextual, information creation as a process, information has value, searching is strategic, scholarship as conversation, research as inquiry