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Interlibrary Loan: Step-by-step instructions

The process for requesting a loan through Cuesta library for materials at other libraries

The video and screenshots below are designed to walk you through the process of submitting an interlibrary loan (ILL) request. Some important tips: 

  • Use Google Chrome as your browser. Especially in OneSearch, not all filters and options are available in other browsers
  • Open the ILL form in one tab and your search sites in another. This makes it easy to copy/paste the citation information for your requested item

Placing an ILL request: step-by-step instructions

1. Search for the item/article you wish to request in the OneSearch box.  We recommend using Google Chrome as your browser because not all filters and options are compatible with other browsers. Not familiar with OneSearch?  This video may help improve your search results. 

2.  On the results page, use filters on the left side to narrow/tweak results. In the example below, Expand My Results is checked to show items not owned by Cuesta. The Books & ebooks filter is applied to rule out articles about the book Atomic Habits.

3.  If the item you searched for says Available, congratulations!  It is owned by Cuesta Library. You can access digital items online and/or check out physical items at the circulation desk. If you did not find the item you searched for, or OneSearch says No Online Access, it’s time to fill out Cuesta’s interlibrary loan request form. First you need to find the publication information for the item(s). 

For physical items like books or DVDs, Amazon is a user-friendly site for finding that information. Be sure to click on the format you want, such as hardcover, especially if you need a specific edition. 

After choosing your preferred format, scroll down to the Product details section, where you will find the information needed to fill out the ILL request form. 

For digital items, like online articles, you can search in one of Cuesta's subscription databases found on the A - Z Databases page. You might also try WorldCat. See the example below for an article citation from the Academic Search database. The red boxes contain the most important information for an ILL request. 

4. The final step is to fill out the ILL request form, using the publication information for your desired item. See below for screenshots of each field in the ILL request form. 

That's it! If you'd like to request more than one item, just repeat this process for each additional request. If you have questions, Ask a Librarian or email We're happy to help!

Video: How to submit an ILL request

ILL Request Form

ILL Request Form
Click the image below to access the form. 

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