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Undocumented Students: Resources: Home

Information, websites and resources to aid undocumented students and community members.

five people of different genders and skin colors with text here to stay

What's in this guide?

This resource guide connects you with

  • local, state and national sources of information about Undocumented people's rights and resources
  • contact information for Spanish-speaking Cuesta staff members
  • library materials and suggested readings about Immigration and Undocumented people

Monarch Centers / Centros Monarcha

The Monarch Dream Centers at Cuesta are open! Click on the butterfly to visit their website. 

Centros Monarcha compromiso es proveer un lugar amigable y seguro donde los estudiantes indocumentados y sus familias puedan reunirse y sentirse seguros, valorados y sobre todo apoyados.

Este centro facilitará el acceso a programas y servicios disponibles en Cuesta así como recursos de la comunidad y del estado de California para asegurar el éxito personal y académico de nuestros estudiantes indocumentados. El Monarch Center es un lugar donde la diversidad y todas las culturas son aceptadas y celebradas.

Coordinadora: Estella Vazquez
San Luis Obispo, Edificio 3300, Oficina 3315A, 805-546-3109
Paso Robles, Edificio N1100, Oficina N1123, 805-546-3109 

Click on the image above to visit Cuesta's Monarch Centers/ Centros Monarca website.

The Monarch Centers are committed to provide a welcoming and safe place where undocumented students and their families can gather and feel safe, valued and supported. Our center will facilitate access to Cuesta’s programs and services as well as local and State resources to assure the personal and academic success of the undocumented students and their families. The Monarch Centers are a place where diversity and all cultures are embraced and celebrated.

Coordinator: Estella Vazquez
San Luis Obispo Campus, Building 3300, Room 3315A, 805-546-3109
North County Campus, Building N1100, Room N1123, 805-546-3109

CCC supports Dreamers

Visit the California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office resources for undocumented students.