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Business 245: Stock Market Assignment: Current articles

How to find the annual report, current articles, stock prices and performance for a publicly-owned company.

Magazine Articles: EBSCOhost Business Source Elite

There are two ways to use Business Source Elite for best results:

  1. At the basic search screen, type in your company’s name and click on Search. On the left-hand side under Refine Results, select Full Text and change the date coverage so that you get only articles from the last two years. For better results, combine your company’s name with something else you want to know (i.e. Google AND CEO or Microsoft AND competitors). This will narrow and focus your search.
  2. At the very top banner, choose Company Profiles, and then type in the company name. You will get a MarketLine Company Profile

Newspaper Articles: US Newsstream

EDGAR Filings

Online Articles

Internet information on companies can be found on the company’s own website (""), or at one of the following sites:

Yahoo Finance


Yahoo! Finance

Google Finance