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Business 245: Stock Market Assignment: Statistical performance

How to find the annual report, current articles, stock prices and performance for a publicly-owned company.

Statistical performance is put in Form C

Online resources

Financial metrics over the last few years can be found online using

  • The company home page (Google it)
  • Annual report (part of company home page, usually at the bottom of the page under Investor relations)
  • Yahoo Finance
  • Google Finance

Value Line Investment Survey

Value Line Investment Survey. Located at SLO County Libraries and Cal Poly. Due to budget cuts, Cuesta no longer subscribes to Value LineValue Line is updated often, has very current financial information, and is useful for your report. It looks hard to use, but go online to How to Use Value Line Pages for a good tutorial. If your company is one of the Dow 30, you can access their Value Line report for free at