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Library Resources for Canvas

What Are Library Guides?

Library Guides provide a platform for librarians to create customizable research guides for your class. The guides can demonstrate how to use the library's single search system, and highlight specific databases and resources held by the library. They can also include information for citing resources. Talk to a librarian to have a guide created specifically for your class.

To Embed a Library Guide in Canvas

Embedding a library guide in Canvas will add it to your course navigation. To do this, click on Settings. Select the Navigation tab. Then, click and drag Cuesta LibGuides up to the visible navigation items area (you may need to scroll down to see the Cuesta LibGuides option).

Don't forget to click Save!

You will now see the Cuesta LibGuides link in your course navigation.

Click on the Cuesta LibGuides link. Then, click on Edit Selection.


1. Select Library Guides. 2. Select a full guide, page, or content box that you want to embed. You may also opt to embed the Databases A-Z list. 3. Select the desired guide. 4. If embedding a full guide, select the preferred landing page. 5. Click on Embed Content.

To preview the guide, return to the course navigation menu and click on the Cuesta LibGuides link.

Then click View Content.