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Research 101

In this guide, you’ll learn about the steps in the research process including how to develop a research question, identify keywords, find, evaluate, and cite information sources and more.

Module 2 - Find Background Information.

Where to start?

  • Check for background information in: dictionaries, handbooks and encyclopedias.
  • Look for facts in: statistical guides, almanacs, biographical sources, or handbooks.
  • Collect keywords or important terms, concepts and author names to use when searching databases.
  • Start thinking in broad terms, then narrow down your topic. 
  • Look at bibliographies found at the end of books, articles and some websites (Wikipedia for example) to guide you to other sources of information 

Use General Encyclopedia type resources such as:
Click on an icon to be taken to that resource (opens in new window - some might require a Cuesta login)










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