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Research 101

In this guide, you’ll learn about the steps in the research process including how to develop a research question, identify keywords, find, evaluate, and cite information sources and more.

Library Tools

OneSearch Library Catalog

The Cuesta Library offers a lot of great research tools for free! One of these tools is the OneSearch Library catalog where you can access a variety of sources for your research.

Watch the following videos to learn how to use OneSearch effectively to find the most relevant materials.


In addition to OneSearch, you can search a variety of subject-specific and multi-disciplinary databases. The databases list is searchable alphabetically, by subject, by type, and by vendors/providers. Watch the following videos to learn how to search databases effectively.

Research Guides

Librarians have created a variety of research guides that can be a useful starting point for your research. These guides can be topic, discipline, or course-specific.